How To Apply & Remove Professional Hair Colour For Ultimate Vibrancy.

How To Apply & Remove Professional Hair Colour For Ultimate Vibrancy.

Most hairdressers love the ultimate creativity of colouring. However, time and time again clients complain of fading. This is a common problem most professional colourists will face in the salon. 

So, how do application and removal help to deliver better results and more satisfied clients?

If you want to feel excited about colour and confident your applications will last, keep reading to discover our recommendations. Let’s just say our secret to vibrancy involves detailed directions, nourishing pigments and restorative bond-builders. 


The Complete 15 Steps For Applying & Removing Professional Hair Dye

That’s right. There are fifteen steps for applying and removing professional hair dye. Before you panic and close the tab, skim the list below. The process may not be as complicated as you think. 

Here is the complete guide to vibrant colour:

  1. Analyse what products are needed to achieve the desired colour result, and don't forget to fill out your client consultation form.
  2. Section up the hair into four even areas using the T-section method.
  3. Using Salon Scales for precise mixing amounts and to not waste money and product, squeeze your chosen Limitless illuminates hair dye into the bowl, if choosing more than one tint to work with like Limitless illuminates 5.00 and Limitless illuminates 5.8, combine multiple tints together into the bowl first creating a new Limitless shade, then you can choose the correct Limitless creme developer and add to the mix. Once they have been gently combined together, add Limitless B1 Bond Builder into a non-metallic bowl and mix together. (B1 has the capabilities of attracting colour molecules and holding them into place, improving colour retention in the cortex, and preventing colours from fading.)
  4. Apply your chosen tint to the root area to keep these sections in place.
  5. Starting with the back, create fine sections from the crown area of hair on a diagonal angle working your way down to the nape. Make sure all hairs around the nape area are coloured evenly.
  6. Once the back sections are done, apply the colour using the same method to the front sections. Starting from the crown area, work your way forward still making sure all sections are even. Once all hair is tinted in these sections, d all the strands along the hairline to make sure they have been coloured.
  7. Depending on if the hair is a colour touch-up or virgin hair, the colour should stay on the roots for a suitable time frame. (See the manufacturer's instructions for processing times) paying special attention to grey coverage applications that need a longer processing time, a minimum of 45min-60mins to achieve full coverage and colour longevity.
  8. Then apply to mid-lengths to ends.
  9. To colour the mid-lengths to ends, take fine sections starting at the back and emulsify colour through to the ends. Comb each section as you go.
  10. Cover virgin hair, regrowth or colour touch-up with the permanent or demi colour used on the mid-length to ends. This will refresh the vibrance of the desired shade.
  11. Allow this mixture to stay on the hair for the remaining processing time. Avoid using any heat processing machine, this will speed up the process of a colour but can also have an effect on the end result and expose more warmth to a colour that you may not want.
  12. Once the colour is processed and ready to rinse, apply cool to lukewarm water to the hair and emulsify the colour off the scalp gently. This will prevent tint stains around the hairline.
  13. Towel-dry the hair well.
  14. Apply Limitless B2 Bond Sealer from the root area down to the mid-lengths and ends. Leave in the hair for 5 to 10 minutes. (B2 concentrates on reducing frizz by sealing and protecting the outer layers of the hair. Using B2 with all your colour transformations leaves hair feeling supple and soft while showcasing a more vibrant and lustrous colour) Next, rinse well. 
  15. Use Limitless B4 Bond Shampoo followed by Limitless B5 Bond Conditioner will finish off the service with ultimate protection for your colour.

In the case that you choose not to use the Limitless Bond System in your mix, at step 14. after rinsing off the colour, you would apply a Colour Conditioner and massage well, leaving on for 2-3 minutes. This will help to bring down the pH and close the cuticle. Then you can proceed to step 15. Shampoo and then conditioner again to close the cuticle.

You may already be familiar with many of these steps, but a few may be surprising. Let us know if you will add any to your routine. 


Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Applying & Removing Professional Hair Colour

  1. Not asking clients about their hair history: To avoid dealing with disappointment and (even worse) permanent hair damage, make sure you uncover client history prior to any chemical service by filling out a client consultation form at the start of every appointment. This is also the best way to check for previous colouring or chemical straightening and perming services, a change in medication, a recent illness, or even an overseas holiday before the service. You may not think too much about these, but they can be the cause of a colour that doesn't take or a chemical reaction that can occur in the salon, knowing the recent history of your client can give you the advantage of choosing a different path, a stronger mixture or longer processing time which will help you achieve the client's hair goal first time around with no issues.    
  2. Deviating from the directions: Even the most experienced colourist should follow directions with all chemical services, permanent colour and especially when handling bleaching powders and creams. These products can wreak havoc if used incorrectly. Following the correct manufacturer's instructions is detrimental to the final results, including mixing ratio's, correct Limitless developer, using scales and not using any metal utensils for mixing and of course, developing times and removal of the colour, will help keep colours vibrant and for the pigment to last longer for your client. 
  3. Rushing or getting distracted: This seems obvious, but a busy salon can lead to distractions and mistakes. Remain focused at all times to ensure the best possible result. Don't get sloppy with applications and ensure you have enough product. And always allow colour to develop for the correct amount of time this will allow to colour technology to lift and deposit correctly. 
  4. At the basin, don't rush colour removal and miss important steps. Ensure you emulsify the colour well. Take time to massage the colour with cool to Luke-warm water (avoid removing with hot water) as this helps remove colour around the hairline. Take care to leave treatments and conditioners on for the recommended time to ensure you close the cuticle and lock in the colour before applying shampoo (shampoo opens the hair cuticle and the top layers of the colour have the chance to escape). Also, advise your customers that they need to wait for 48hours until they wash their hair again, longer if possible, this will allow the colour to settle in the hair and a longer colour result. 
  5. Recommending the correct take-home products and care. It's our job to educate our clients by helping them maintain their colour and keep their hair as healthy as possible. Therefore, take the time to recommend specific products tailored to their needs, while telling them what will happen if they don't follow these instructions. Advising them for vibrant colours, hot water washing should be avoided and when using any heat on their hair they must use a heat protectant, each and every time.   



Professional Colour Recommendation: Limitless Illuminates 

Choosing the correct colour brand is difficult as there are so many options available. On top of that, not all colours are high-performance and nourish the hair. There are three major considerations: Will this brand damage my client’s hair? Are the instructions easy to follow? Most importantly, how will this colour look after the colouring service and weeks after the client has gone from the salon?

We’re pleased to report Limitless Illuminates has an A+ score. 

There are 104 shades, 9 super lighteners and 8 correctors to choose from. Hidden gems include Limitless Colour 7.11 Medium Intense Ash Blonde, Limitless Colour 9.26 Very Light Champagne Blonde and Limitless Colour 10.102 Platinum Lightest Ice Blonde.

You can swoon over the nourishing and protective properties. Plus, enjoy 100% grey coverage and long-lasting pigment. Three core ingredients are the heroes: hydrating Kakadu plum, soothing Bisabolol and advanced micro-pigment.

Pair with Limitless Developers for the best results. 

Bond Builder Recommendation: Limitless Bond System

The secret to Instagram-worthy hair is bond-builders. These remarkable products became salon favourites because of their ability to repair the internal hair structure. 

Now, the classic formula has been supercharged with Limitless Bond System.

Not only can you repair the hair, but there are conditioning, colour absorption and colour retention properties. Explore the full Limitless Bond System, including Limitless B1 Bond Builder, Limitless B2 Bond Sealer, Limitless B3 Bond Extender, Limitless B4 Bond Shampoo and Limitless B5 Bond Conditioner


The Verdict: Applying & Removing Professional Hair Colour

Applying and removing professional hair colour is a process and can take more time to do correctly. Regardless, we hope this article has given you the confidence to try the most colourful creations. 

Our list of 15 steps contained a mix of conventional information and interesting tidbits, including recommendations for three ranges. Check out Limitless Illuminates, limitless Developers and Limitless Bond System. These are designed to work together during colouring and create a stress-free service. 

We know hair will be healthier and more vibrant after using Limitless.

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