Why Should I Stock Limitless In My Salon? 8 Reasons To Love Their Colours, Developers & Bond-Builders

Why Should I Stock Limitless In My Salon? 8 Reasons To Love Their Colours, Developers & Bond-Builders

Nowadays, the haircare market is bursting with different brands. It’s great to have choices, but too many can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially when clients trust you to make the best decisions for their hair. 

If you’ve got a case of decision paralysis, let’s introduce a brand that ticks all the boxes.

The rising star Limitless is a high-performance and affordable option. There are cream developers with six peroxide levels and more than 100 shades of colour-depositing cream to suit your needs. Another of our favourite additions is the bond system, which protects and repairs. You can stock up on all the essentials with this comprehensive brand. 


While Limitless prioritises performance and affordability, they have not neglected ethics. You can shop guilt-free, and virtuous clients will be happy too. An ethical approach is clearly popular. Limitless has almost a quarter of a million followers on Instagram, and the number is growing fast.

Whether you’re actively seeking a new brand or aren’t satisfied with your current choice, let’s dive into Limitless. You might be pleasantly surprised by these eight reasons.


1.  Education & Technical Support 

When using a new brand, education is critical. Thankfully, we have good news. Limitless is an Australian brand, which means education and technical support are all Australian-based. 

There are plenty of different methods of seeking help. You can sign up for training days at academies, such as Limitless The Illuminates/Bond System Introduction Class. This training day explores technical knowledge, scientific foundations and creativity. 

You can also access in-salon training, online Zoom training and we also provide Facebook 24/7 online support were a Limitless educator will be able to assist you with any technical advice and needs. Another easy and quick option to get education is by purchasing an informative resource, such as Limitless Booklet - The Illuminates Colour Collection, Limitless Booklet - The Bond System or Limitless Bond System How To Use A6 Leaflets. Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflet Notepad


2. Limitless Bond System

One of the newest and most exciting collections is Limitless Bond System. These Australian-formulated products repair the external and internal cuticle. Every use means restoring amino acids, protecting and building back all those essential bonds, and sealing the cuticle. 

There are five products to choose from:

  • B1 Bond Builder + Dose Dispenser 120ml: This product contains nearly too many benefits to count. You can repair, strengthen and nourish. Limitless B1 Bond Builder even boosts colour absorption and retention. Simply combine your chosen colour or lightener with the developer. Then, add Limitless B1 Bond Builder to the mix. Followed by Limitless B2 Bond Sealer.
  • B2 Bond Sealer 120ml: Lock in colour and prevent fading with this fortifying product. Limitless B2 Bond Sealer works by restoring lipids in the hair that are responsible for keeping the cuticles closed. As a bonus, the product also reflects the shine of the hair. 
  • B3 Bond Extender 120ml: Use in-between salon visits to repair existing bonds and create new ones. This will encourage strength, healthiness and incredible shine. 
  • B4 Bond Shampoo 120ml: Here is a familiar product with a unique twist. Limitless B4 Bond Shampoo clears away impurities and boosts the condition of the hair by repairing and strengthening. 
  • B5 Bond Conditioner 120ml: The last product in the bond system revitalises, strengthens, nourishes and softens the hair. The simple instructions and jaw-dropping results will make Limitless B5 Bond Conditioner a fan favourite.



3. Limitless Colour 

Limitless lives up to their name with this comprehensive Italian colour range. Choose from 104 shades, 9 super lighteners and 8 correctors. Colourists will have plenty of different shades and reflects to unleash their creativity. Each colour even nourishes and protects the hair.  

Our favourite options are  Limitless Colour 5.81 Light Expresso Brown, Limitless Colour 8.8 Light Cappuccino Blonde, Limitless Colour 9.26 Very Light Champagne Blonde and Limitless Colour 10.102 Platinum Lightest Ice Blonde.

You can browse the entire collection on the Brand Page. 


4. Limitless Developers 

Limitless Developers are made right here in Australia, and the quality shows. Each product features incredible accuracy, consistent distribution and fast cosmetic action. 

Pick from the six peroxide levels below:

  • Crème Developer 3.5Vol 990ml: With just 1.05% peroxide, this is the smallest amount in the developer collection. Toning and refreshing are perfect with this product.  
  • Crème Developer 5Vol 990ml: Enjoy this soft peroxide level of 1.5% for slightly more intense results than 3.5Vol. 
  • Crème Developer 10Vol  990ml: Slightly open the cuticle to deposit colour with this 3% peroxide blend. Perfect for the lucky clients with no greys that want a fresh colour.
  • Crème Developer 20Vol 990ml: The colouring hero in most salons is a 6% peroxide. This creamy developer is perfect for maximum grey coverage.
  • Crème Developer 30Vol 990ml: Lift the hair up to three levels with this 9% peroxide. Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol can be used in conjunction with superlighteners. The bright and intense hues will bring onlookers to a standstill. 
  • Crème Developer 40Vol 990ml: The strongest peroxide level in this collection is 12%, which can lift the hair up to four levels. Most professionals do not use 40vol with bleach due to the potency, but super lighteners are appropriate. 


5. Micro-Pigment Technology 

The secret of Limitless Colour is micro-pigment technology. Each shade allows small stable colour molecules to penetrate and expand in the cortex, which means longer-lasting and intense hues.

No wonder so many salons are stocking Limitless!


6. Nourishing Ingredients

Although micro-pigment technology is incredible, what about nourishing ingredients? Limitless has you covered. They understand the importance of healthy hair, which is why there are two key additions inside Limitless Colour. 

Australian Kakadu plum is one of the most impressive ingredients. Hair is moistured and hydrated, so the end result is shine and colour retention.

Another ingredient is bisabolol, which has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. These ensure the scalp experiences minimal irritation during colour services.

Who knew hair colouring could be so wholesome? 


6. 100% Vegan Formula

You might be surprised to learn Limitless Colour is completely vegan. There are no animal-based derivatives inside these products, and their transparent approach means you can view all ingredient lists by visiting AMR Hair & Beauty. 

8. 100% Cruelty-Free

You will also be relieved to hear Limitless is 100% cruelty-free. This brand does not test on animals. They are not listed on the resource Cruelty-Free Kitty just yet, but keep an eye out — we bet the wait won’t be long


The Verdict: Is Limitless Worthwhile?

Take the stress out of choosing haircare with Limitless. This high-performance and affordable brand offers collections like bond system, developers and colour. These cruelty-free products are made with the highest-quality ingredients. For Limitless Colour, enjoy vegan formulas packed with the nourishment of Kakadu plum and bisabolol. 

Don’t be the last to try Limitless. This up-and-coming brand is gaining traction quickly in the world of haircare, and we predict they could be the next superstar. 


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