Everything You Need To Know About Limitless

Everything You Need To Know About Limitless

If you’re here, you have probably heard the buzz about Limitless. Professionals and general customers are flocking to the haircare brand— snatching up colours, developers and bond-builders. The range is rumoured to be extensive, and the prices are even better.

After hearing snippets and whispers, you will probably be eager for answers.

The most common questions about Limitless are focused on their products. How are these used? What are the ingredients? Are they ethical? Most importantly, is this brand really worth the hype?

Get all your information from the source. We will peel back the layers of mystery surrounding Limitless and reveal the reality. You will have your official ‘Limitless Expert’ badge by the time you reach the conclusion. 


Limitless Background

Limitless was born in Sydney, Australia. The brand's success is unsurprising because their team is made of experts: trichologists, chemists and hairdressers. They spent more than two decades researching the best ingredients and technology for hair. They even collaborated with leading haircare manufacturing facilities in Australia and Italy. 

The result is premium products packed with endless possibilities. Each collection is dedicated to salons, and there are countless ways to fast-track becoming a Limitless expert. You can sign up for training days, such as Limitless The Illuminates/Bond System Introduction Class. You can also purchase informative resources, such as Limitless Booklet - The Illuminates Colour Collection, Limitless Booklet - The Bond System or Limitless Bond System How To Use A6 Leaflets.




Limitless Colour 

Meet the most famous collection from Limitless: the colours. 

You can choose from 104 shades, including 23 beautiful tones of different reflects to complete any look. There are 9 bonus superlighteners for clients that love high-lift colour without pre-lighteners. Plus, there are 8 colour correctors to intensify colours, including the multi-purpose clear.

You will be happy to hear this hybrid collection is permanent that can be used as demi-permanent for toning. The key is the long-lasting and stable micro-pigment formula. Each shade is also enriched with Kakadu plum, which supports hair strength while improving the texture and cuticle. There is also bisabolol, which works as an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory for the hair and scalp. Limitless Colour is even 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

Pair this collection with Limitless Developers and Limitless Bond System for the most jaw-dropping results. 



Limitless Creme Developers 

Expand the boundaries of Limitless Colour using Limitless Creme Developers. The creamy formula ensures fast application, consistent distribution and optimal cosmetic action. To prevent aggravation, there are anti-irritation ingredients and no fragrances

Choose from six different strengths: Limitless Crème Developer 3.5Vol, Limitless Crème Developer 5Vol, Limitless Crème Developer 10Vol, Limitless Crème Developer 20Vol, Limitless Crème Developer 30Vol and Limitless Crème Developer 40Vol


Limitless Bond System

One of the most unique collections is Limitless Bond System. 

The triple bond complex technology restores the cortex and cuticle of the hair. Not only is existing damage repaired, but you can prevent future damage. Apply Limitless Bond System before and after chemical services to create the healthiest version of hair.

Limitless Bond Systems stands out because of its compatibility with colour. We all know hair colour affects the cuticle and cortex, which is why these products restore, repair and protect. They can be mixed with Limitless Colour to improve colour absorption and retention.

The best way to keep your client's colour looking as amazing as when they left the salon is by using Limitless Bond B3 Extender at home once a month. This product offers softness, shine and prevents colour from fading. 

Choose from Limitless B1 Bond Builder, Limitless B2 Bond Sealer, Limitless B3 Bond Extender, Limitless B4 Bond Shampoo and Limitless B5 Bond Conditioner.


Limitless Hair Care

Although Limitless has shattered expectations with colours and bond-builders, there is more to come. The team have been creating fresh magic behind the scenes. Soon, they will introduce Limitless Hair Care, a collection of products targeting a range of concerns. Each use will leave hair feeling and smelling amazing.

Watch the Limitless website and Limitless socials to get the first pick. 


Limitless Directions 

How To Use Limitless Colour & Limitless Developers:

  • The demi ratio is 1:2 with 3.5-5Vol for up to 20 minutes.
  • The permanent ratio is 1:1.5 with 10-30Vol for 30-50 minutes.
  • The grey coverage ratio is 1:1.5 / 1:1 with 20Vol for 45-60 minutes.
  • The super lightener ratio is 1:2 with 30-40Vol for 60 minutes.


How To Use Limitless Bond System:

  1. Combine your colour/lightener with a developer in a non-metallic bowl.
  2. Measure the correct amount of B1 Bond Builder needed and add it to your formula. Mix thoroughly before performing your application. 
  3. After the application has been processed, shampoo out the lightener or rinse the colour from the hair. 
  4. Evenly apply B2 Bond Sealer to towel-dried hair from roots to ends. The amount of B2 depends on the length and texture of the hair.
  5. Massage, comb through and leave on for 10 minutes.
  6. Rinse B2 from hair, then shampoo with B4 Bond Shampoo and condition with B5 Bond Conditioner. 
  7. When toning, rinse the powder lightener out, towel dry and apply B2 Bond Sealer. Leave on for 10 minutes then lightly shampoo with B4 Bond Shampoo. Proceed to toning and processing then rinse toner, shampoo again with B4 and finish the service with B5 Bond conditioner.


Let’s Talk About Ingredients

We have already described some of the ingredients inside Limitless Creme Developers and Limitless Bond System, so let’s dive into Limitless Colour. This collection has the most captivating content anyway!

Micro pure pigment technology and colour lock technology are the powerhouses of Limitless Colour. These boost intensity and longevity, which are the keys to hair colour. A close contender is maintaining healthy hair, but don’t worry. There are two ingredients to help. 

Australian Kakadu plum is infused into every shade. Hair is moisturized and hydrated from root to tip. You can even protect from free radical damage, reduce hair loss, boost hair growth and promote overall hair health. Specifically, Australian Kakadu plum assists in the creation of the maintenance of two proteins: collagen and elastin. 

Another star is bisabolol with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. These prevent scalp irritation during colour services. As a bonus, Bisabolol will support the healing process and restore suppleness after services.


Is Limitless Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

Limitless knows haircare should never involve animal cruelty. To show their commitment, they ensure each of their products is cruelty-free. 

Limitless Colour has gone one step further. The research and development team created a vegan-friendly formula, which is the base of each shade. Clients can feel and look good during every service with Limitless. 


How Do I Know Limitless Works?

Brands are always brimming with promises, but how do you know their products actually work?

Limitless is committed to honesty. You can access feedback from real professionals and clients by visiting Limitless social media. There, you can find reviews and transformations. Another option is browsing the latest photoshoots.

Recently, Limitless launched their ‘Blondes at the Zeus’ photoshoot. Models received makeovers using a combination of Limitless Colour and Limitless Bond System. The stylists were given the freedom to create blonde cocktail colours while maintaining the integrity of the hair!

The ‘after’ photos are plastered across Limitless social media. It’s not hard to see why — their final look is jaw-dropping!

Limitless Social Media

You can discover a lot about a brand on their social media pages. Thankfully, Limitless has four different platforms. 

Find content on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. On each one, look forward to stunning transformations, valuable information and hilarious videos. Make sure you tag Limitless in your own pictures and videos about their products. You might just be featured!


In Conclusion

Trying a new brand is intimidating, but we hope we have offered insight into one rising star. 

With an upward trajectory, Limitless seems guaranteed to succeed. Customers have been loving their large range of colours, complementary developers and powerful bond-builders. We predict the new haircare collection will be equally popular. 

Make sure you order your favourite Limitless products before they sell out. Plus, follow the brand on social media to keep updated about the incredible collections. 

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