About Us


Limitless is a hair care brand born in Sydney, Australia. The brand was created by a qualified and dedicated professional team who has collaborated with the industry’s leading hair care manufacturing facilities in Australia and Italy. These collaborations have resulted in unique products with endless possibilities that truly outshine within the hair care spotlight. Two decades of research have taken place in creating the Limitless brand. Our team of trichologists, chemists and hairdressers have compounded formulas made up of the best performing ingredients and technology available on the market today. With a passion and love for the hair industry, the collaboration between Australia and Italy has been the perfect partnership. We strive to produce premium hair products dedicated to salons, offering them education, support and confidence knowing that their clients will enjoy them too. We are an innovative and honest brand with a goal to export Limitless worldwide.








The Limitless Illuminates professional Italian hair colouring line enriched with Kakadu plum and bisabolol, has been formulated with quality ingredients to offer protection for both the hair and scalp. Low in ammonia, our high-performance colour will leave your hair looking and feeling more vibrant, healthy and full of shine for a longer-lasting result.

Kakadu Plum
Supports the hair by improving the moisture and hydration in dry or lustreless hair. The Kakadu plum works as an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution and environmental toxins. Rich in Vitamin C, Kakadu plum assists in creating and maintaining collagen and elastin in the hair. This promotes hair health, reduces hair loss and improves hair growth, which ultimately gives you a more protected cuticle and intense colour result.
Supports the healing process of the hair and scalp during and after colouring. The ingredient encourages healthy hair strength and growth while improving the texture of the overall cuticle. Extracted from the chamomile plant, the high panthenol concentration in bisabolol supports the scalp with anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties to reduce the appearance of dry, damaged and flaking skin on the scalp. It also restores suppleness after a colouring service. 


 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals.
100% vegan formula.
Enriched with Kakadu plum for ultimate moisture and hydration that protects hair health, strengthens the cuticle, and increases colour retention.
Enriched with bisabolol to support the scalp with anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory properties that encourage hair strength and growth.
With a balanced micro-pigment formula for increased vibrancy, the high-quality pure pigments result in a longer-lasting elevated and stabilised colour.
24/7 educational support online, in-store and over the phone with an added social media drive.
Limitless follows the International Colour Code (I.C.C). This allows the colourist to quickly identify the level/depth of a shade.
Hybrid colour range by changing the developer percentage and ratio. A permanent colour can become a demi formulated colour.
Join the Limitless vision and gain support from our honest team of chemists and qualified hairdressers.
Australian owned with internal headquarters offering national education.